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Formula 1 live betting

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Not surprisingly, Formula 1 is a perfect sport for live betting.

The race lasts for several hours and a change in conditions can cause chaos for the drivers – but create great opportunities for anyone using Formula 1 live betting.

For example, a sudden downpour would force a driver on dry tyres to make a pit stop, losing precious seconds, or risk spinning out of control at a crucial corner. For fans of the sport, knowledge of details like this can provide a huge advantage in Formula 1 live betting.

Likewise, if a driver looks like running the race of his life, Formula 1 live betting offers you real-time opportunity to capitalise on this.

Formula 1 betting strategies

It is true of betting strategies in most sports that research is the key to success.

Formula 1 is a sport with clear favourites, and this can blind some people when they bet. But looking at drivers’ past performances on specific tracks or in specific weather conditions can help players find very useful advantages.

A good example of favourable tracks is demonstrated by Lewis Hamilton. Although he is No. 1 in the world, he has only won the Australian Grand Prix twice in 11 attempts. This pales in comparison to his achievements at his home track, Silverstone, where he has won 4 times in a row between 2014 and 2017.

100% bonus on your first Formula 1 bet

first Formula 1 bet

If you want to get started betting on Formula 1 odds, you can do so with a 100% bonus on your first bet at Mr Green. Create an account at Mr Green, place your bet and you will be credited with a Freebet of the same amount!

With fast deposits and withdrawals, a flawless user experience and a wide range of markets to bet on, Mr Green places itself at the top of the podium for Formula 1 betting.

What’s the difference between Formula 1 and Grand Prix?

The terms Formula 1 and Grand Prix are closely related. The very name Formula 1 refers to the category of motorsport in which the drivers compete. This is the highest class of Formula racing. There are also Formula 2 and Formula 3, for example. The word Grand Prix is in a sense part of Formula 1 in the sense that it is the name of the individual races held within Formula 1. A Grand Prix is thus the name of, for example, the Formula 1 race in Monaco or the Formula 1 race in Brazil.

How do I bet on Formula 1?

You can bet on a wide variety of Formula 1 betting markets at Mr Green Sport. You simply go to the Mr Green website and create a betting account. Then select the Formula 1 menu from Mr Green Sport’s sports markets overview. Here you will be able to find pregame odds on the upcoming Grand Prix, where you can bet on everything from the winner of the race and whether the driver in question will finish in the top 3. You’ll also find head-to-head matchups, where you’ll have to guess who’ll get the best finish between two randomly selected drivers. It is also possible to bet on who will drive the fastest lap of the race. Once you’ve settled on your bets, simply click on the odds next to the outcomes and place your bet on your total bet slip on the right-hand side.

Can I bet on the overall winner of the Formula 1 season?

Yes, in addition to a lot of odds markets on the various Grand Prix throughout the season, you will also be able to bet on the winner of the entire Formula 1 season itself. There are also other long-term bets, such as whether the driver in question will finish in the overall top 3 or which team the overall winner will come from.

What is Speed Row betting in Formula 1?

Speed Row

Speed Row betting in Formula 1 refers to a special betting market where you have to bet on the best placed driver within a group of 5 selected drivers. Here you can sometimes get higher odds on a given winner than betting on the same winner in the overall winner bet.

Is it a good idea to bet on my favourite Formula 1 driver?

Many people use sports betting as a pleasant diversion during sporting events. In this context, many tend to want to bet on their favourite football team, or as here, on their favourite Formula 1 driver. However, it is worth considering whether you should bet on the driver who objectively gives you the best chance of winning, or the underdog in whom you have a serious faith.

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